Niger Delta ex-militants and stakeholders across the region have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to warn his National Security Adviser, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Babagana Monguno (retd.) against setting the Niger Delta region ablaze and destabilizing the Nigeria economy in the midst of a recession in his quest for bribes and kickbacks. They reminded the President that the presidency is violating the 2009 peace agreement which the federal government signed with the leaders of 30,000 ex-militants. They warned that the international community and world leaders must not blame the repented militants if they regroup and strike to shut-down oil and gas production and expel foreign expatriates operating in their lands.

The ex-militants and stakeholders represented by Dr. Famovie J. Reuben stated that although the amnesty office already have a director of finance and accounts (DFA) Mr. Ityohuma Saawua Isaac, who was duly posted to the amnesty office by the accountant general of the federation Alhaji Ahmed Idris, the National Security Adiviser Gen. Monguno ignored the services of the existing DFA and appointed his friend Brig. Gen. Jafaru Mohammed as the new DFA. Gen. Monguno illegally inserted Gen. Mohammed’s signature into the amnesty bank account to enable them sign, loot and steal billions of naira in amnesty funds meant for training and empowering the Niger Delta people. Presently, they are frustrating the payments of students tuition fees, living expenses and the payments of stipends to 30,000 ex-militants. As a matter of fact, Gen. Monguno and his friend Gen. Jafaru Mohammed are delaying legitimate payments to suffering students because they are desperate to negotiate and receive bribes and kickbacks, fearing that their illegal interim committee setup by the NSA Gen. Mongonu might be dissolved momentarily. 

In March 2020, a few days after the illegal interim committee hijacked the Amnesty programme from the Niger Delta people, Gen. Monguno, the Chairman A. A. Lawal, and their handpicked DFA Brig. Gen. Jafaru Mohammed ordered the existing director of finance and accounts Mr. Ityohuma Saawua Isaac to sign and deliver cash payments to Gen. Monguno and his friends. The DFA fearing for his life and job obliged and withdrew N16million in cash from the Amnesty TSA account and took the cash to them inside the office of the National Security Adviser Gen. Monguno from where the illegal interim committee has been operating.

Dr. Reuben noted that Gen. Monguno continue to disgrace and embarrass the government of President Muhammadu Buhari internationally. World Leaders and the global intelligence agencies have his dossier. Their activities are globally documented for the day of reckoning. This buttresses the point why two of Gen. Monguno’s friends whom he previously appointed as amnesty coordinators, Gen. Paul Tarela Boroh and Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo are facing criminal investigations for fraud, stealing, money laundering, and corruption. Prof. Dokubo publicly boasted and claim to have given Gen. Monguno N1.8billion fully paid contract and hundreds of millions more to his friends.

Their quest for money in exchange for information, and to collude with terrorists that kills and maim soldiers and civilians is terrible. On the 3rdJuly 2020, about 386 soldiers tendered their resignation to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Turku Yusuf Buratai. These brave soldiers said, they have lost interest in the Army and citing betrayals leading to the deaths of thousands of civilians and soldiers with over three million civilians displaced. Dr. Reuben called on President Buhari to rise against his incompetent and very corrupt National Security Adviser, citing the cases against the former EFCC Boss and criminal Ibrahim Magu whom the NSA Gen. Monguno worked and fought hard for 5 years to cover-up their fraud, corruption, and criminal activities. He urged President Buhari to replace Gen. Monguno in order to save Nigeria.

Dr. Reuben advised President Buhari to stop the ongoing fraud against the Niger Delta people by personally appointing a substantive amnesty coordinator from leaders involved in the amnesty programme and across the region to avoid conflicts of interests and issues of loyalty. An individual that understands the amnesty programme, and will work to deliver for the Niger Delta people, the statement reads.

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