Ex-agitators from the nine Niger Delta states have appealed to the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to urgently appoint a substantive Amnesty Coordinator to charge the cause of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP). They urge the President to urgently make the appointment to enable a substantive Amnesty Boss to outline various programmes and initiatives within the PAP mandate to alleviate the sufferings of ex-agitators and their families across the region following the lockdown caused by the global coronavirus pandemic that has created a global economic downturn.

The ex-agitators explained that aside from the payment of their monthly stipends and tuition fees for students in universities, that there are numerous initiatives which a substantial Amnesty Coordinator would commence immediately that will greatly assist the Niger Delta people during these difficult economic period. The ex-agitators insisted that the present Amnesty Caretaker Committee composed of only Northerners cannot commence these programmes and initiatives that would alleviate the sufferings of ex-agitators and their families because members of the Caretaker Committee don’t have a grasp of the Amnesty Programme, they are not accessible to the public and people, because they are operating from inside the NSA’s office, and none of the members of the committee are from the Niger Delta region to enable them understand the issues faced by the people.

The ex-agitators insisted that the Interim Caretaker Investigative Amnesty Committee currently operating from inside the NSA’s office and led by A. A. Lawal, can operate simultaneously with a substantive Amnesty Coordinator. The ex-agitators explained that the investigators can continue to focus on their investigations as to how previous Amnesty funds were mismanaged by Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo. They claim that the committee has been conducting these investigations since September 2019 at the NSA’s office. The ex-agitators urged the President to appoint a substantive Amnesty Coordinator that would urgently outline innovative programmes and initiatives inline with the PAP mandate that would better the lives of ex-agitators and the Niger Delta people.

However, some ex-agitators have accused the National Security Adviser Maj. Gen. Babagana Mohammed Monguno (rtd.) that he is refusing to recommend the appointment of a substantive Amnesty Coordinator because he is using the Interim Caretaker Investigative Amnesty Committee led by the Chairman A. A. Lawal to coverup his activities at the Amnesty office just as the suspended Amnesty Boss Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo claimed that he gave unexecuted supplies and empowerment contracts worth over N1.8billion to representatives of the NSA-Monguno during his almost 2 years in office. They said, “an agitated Dokubo insisted of not going down alone should the NSA-Monguno use members of his compromised Amnesty committee to indict him.” It is worth remembering that the previous Amnesty Boss Gen. Paul Boroh accused the NSA-Monguno of same.

A few ex-agitators noted that Prof. Dokubo is not alone in complaining about the Interim Caretaker Amnesty Committee of been a charade and compromised, because the current Amnesty Director of Finance and Accounts (DFA) Mr. Ityohuma Saawua Isaac on the 9th and 10th of March, 2020 complained to numerous Niger Delta stakeholders that he is afraid for his life and his job, and that the sum of N10.9Billion was paid into the Amnesty TSA account however, he is been used by members of the Interim Caretaker Investigative Amnesty Committee operating from inside the NSA’s office to gradually withdraw funds for them. The DFA – Mr. Isaac complained that he was again ordered to withdraw N16million in cash from the Amnesty TSA account, which he personally withdrew and took the funds to the NSA’s office and presented the funds in bags to members of the Amnesty Committee.

The ex-agitators complained that the notorious Amnesty contractor and a front-man for Prof. Dokubo, Mr. Jacob Aminu Momoh who owns many JAMOB companies and MENZON Nig. Ltd. which is employment platform used in hiring Amnesty consultants is already having a victory dance, claiming that Mr. Momoh confided in friends that he was able to meet top-level individuals in the Presidency to plead his case to members of the Amnesty committee at the NSA’s office. Mr. Momoh claimed to have spent over N100million in the process. The ex-agitators allegedly accused JAMOB of destroying the Amnesty Programme by allowing himself and his companies to be used by Prof. Dokubo in siphoning Amnesty funds worth over N10billions in fake non-existent supply and empowerment contracts.

The ex-agitators wondered how members of the Interim Caretaker Amnesty Committee could still be working with allegedly corrupt senior management staffs at the Amnesty office. They accused the senior management staffs of perpetrating so much fraud that brought the Amnesty Programme to the brink of destruction. The ex-agitators claimed that these senior management officials colluded with Prof. Dokubo and used fake non-existent contract award letters to siphon billions of naira from the Amnesty coffers. They wondered how the Special Assistant Media – Mr. Murphy Ganagana could remain in office despite his numerous atrocities of been an alleged serial sexual harasser of single and married women at the Amnesty office. They said his victims, sexually harassed women and the male witnesses to the numerous intimidations, unwanted advances and sexual harassment that Mr. Ganagana perpetrated on both married and single women are coming forward and in the coming days, petitions will be submitted to the Presidency.

They claim that Mr. Ganagana is employed as a Consultant therefore, his employment should be terminated. Mr. Ganagana is alleged to have engaged in fraudulent practices, including raising frivolous memos for non-existent programs. After-which he intimidates his staffs to submit their personal bank account details to him which he in-turn uses to secure payment approvals from Prof. Charles Dokubo. The funds running into hundreds of millions of naira within 2 years, were paid into the staffs’ personal bank accounts and later transferred to Mr. Ganagana accounts or sometimes, they are withdrawn gradually and given to Mr. Ganagana in cash which Mr. Ganagana will then contact media outlets and other vendors to provide him with receipts to enable  him retire the funds, including allegedly forging names and signatures of participants for non-existent programs to retire the funds.

The groups called on the investigators to use the BVN details of staffs to urgently probe their multiple personal bank accounts to unravel this fraud that was perpetrated by Mr. Murphy Ganagana whom have allegedly use this means and numerous non-existent fake supply contracts to purchase numerous properties across the country in the names of his friends and relatives to avoid been caught.

They accused Mr. Ganagana of having no ounce of credibility left with Niger Delta Stakeholders and ex-Agitators, and they cautioned the Amnesty committee against using Mr. Ganagana as the front-person in any of the Amnesty Programme’s arrangements, or to call for stakeholders meeting. They lamented that no stakeholder intends to participate in any meeting that includes Mr. Ganagana. The group called for the immediate disengagement of Mr. Ganagana given his alleged fraudulent practices and as a known serial women harasser. They insisted that Mr. Ganagana must not be left in office to cover-up his alleged criminal activities during the cause of the Committee’s investigations. The ex-agitators noted that thousands of Niger Delta students are stranded across the country following the COVID-19 lockdown. They explained that by conducting an investigation on the use of previous Amnesty funds does not mean that the lives of thousands of Amnesty beneficiaries should be placed on hold during this global pandemic period. The ex-agitators urged the President to appoint a substantive Amnesty Coordinator that will focus on the daily operations of the Amnesty Programme to serve and better the lives of the Niger Delta people.

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